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Record student intake at University of Reading bucks national trend

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A record numbers of undergraduate students have begun at the University of Reading this week, with more than 4200 enrolling for the new academic year.

The latest intake of students sees a year-on-year increase of 7% on 2015, and “bucks the trend” of a 1% sector growth for those accepted to UK HE so far this year. The University has accepted a total of 4240 undergraduates, 300 more than 2015, and saw a record increase in the number of high quality students enter through clearing and adjustment.

Sir David Bell, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Reading said:

“I am delighted to see the University of Reading bucking national trends with a record high intake. We have now enjoyed a record-breaking run at Reading for the last two years in both applications and admissions which has exceeded our own targets.

“Against the uncertainty of Brexit, the outlook for Reading is good. We have, and will always have, global ambitions and an international outlook. The latest intake confirms that as a university in the top 1% of the world we are able to attract more high-quality applications than ever before from around the world.

“I want to pay tribute to staff across the University who have worked so hard to exceed our target this year.”

School of Architecture

The new school of architecture welcomed its first cohort of 40 students today, after receiving 234 applications.

Sir David said:

“We’re extremely pleased to have broken into a competitive and established market for architecture. We received more than six applications per place for the opening year and delighted to welcome the successful students.”

“Our £3000 a year bursary rightly generated a lot of interest – but we have seen great enthusiasm to be among the first students in our exciting new school, which draws on our established strengths in construction management, built environment and real estate.”

New student contract

The latest intake of students will be the first to sign a contract setting out what they can expect from the University.

The terms and conditions set out the rights and responsibilities between students and the University, and include obligations that students can expect such as access to infrastructure and pastoral support.

Sir David said:

“University is a partnership between students and our staff. It is right that we have formalised that relationship in a new single contract for undergraduates enrolling this year.

“Students are investing heavily in their education and rightly have high expectations of us. These new contracts set out very clearly what students should expect from the university to complete their degrees successfully.

“It is also upfront about the responsibilities they have as members of the university – the behaviour expected and contribution they make to our community.”

Strongest ever clearing period

More than 450 of the undergraduates who started this week were recruited in the strongest ever clearing period.

Reading saw 74% growth in offers through clearing and adjustment recruitment compared to 2015, as compared to just 3% sector growth.

The University invested in an expanded Clearing and Adjustment hotline, with calls being answered by over 40 trained staff and student helpers and coupled with a new streamlined, faster process for making offers during an applicant’s first call to the hotline.