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Caversham Reading

Caversham Reading

The first written description of Caversham appeared in the Domesday Book in 1086 as Caueresham.  The entry indicates that it was a sizable community with a considerable amount of land under cultivation.  The name is thought to mean ‘homestead or enclosure of a man called Cafhere’.

Caversham became part of Reading on the 9th November, 1911, as prior to that it was in Oxfordshire.   Prior to 1106 a Shrine of Our Lady was established in the suburb. Its exact location is unknown, but it became a popular place of pilgrimage, along with the chapel of St. Anne and her holy well. On 17 July 1532 it was visited by Catherine of Aragon but was subsequently destroyed on 14 September 1538 during Henry VIII’s dissolution of the monasteries. Only the well still survives near the top of Priest Hill today, dating back to medieval times, its waters were reputed to have healing properties, but unfortunately it is now dry.

Medieval Caversham was mainly on the north side of Caversham Bridge east of the 12th century church of St. Peter. Following the dissolution of the monasteries from 1536, these lands were given to Christchurch College, Oxford.

Caversham Park

Caversham Park in the Middle Ages was known as Caversham Manor and was owned by William Marshal (1146 – 1219), Earl of Pembroke and protector and regent for the 9 year old King Henry III. He died at Caversham but is buried in Temple Church, London where you can still see his effigy.

In the 16th century, the manor house was bought by Queen Elizabeth I’s treasurer, Sir Francis Knollys he pulled down the existing manor and built a great mansion in its place. During the Civil War King Charles I it was held captive here, however, after the War it fell into disrepair and was eventually demolished. The present Caversham Park House was built in 1850 by the Crawshay family and was used as a convalescent home for wounded soldiers during the First World War. The building was occupied by BBC Monitoring although they have now moved and the building has been sold.

Caversham Today

To the east of the area you will find Caversham Lakes which were created by gravel extraction. This is the location of The Thames and Kennet Marina as well as the Redgrave Pinsent Rowing Lake. The lakes are used for a number of recreational activities such as sailing and waterskiing.

There are 13 churches in the area as well as 37 listed buildings in Caversham Reading.

Schools In Caversham Reading

Caversham Nursery School
82 Gosbrook Road, RG4 8BH
Tel:  0118 9015429

CPV Primary School
Queensway, CPV, RG4 6RP
Tel:  0118 9015433

Caversham Primary School
Hemdean Road, RG4 7RA
Tel: 0118 901 5454

micklands school signMicklands Primary School
Micklands Road, RG4 6LU
Tel:  0118 9015500

St Anne’s Catholic Primary School
Washington Road, RG4 5AA
Tel.  0118 9015537

St Martin’s Catholic Primary School,
Penndennis Avenue, RG4 6SS
Tel: 0118 9015544

Thameside Primary School
Harley Road, RG4 8DB
Tel: 0118 901 5551

The Hill Primary School
Peppard Road, RG4 8TU
Tel:  0118 901 5560

Secondary Schools

Hemdean House School
Hemdean Road, RG4 7SD
Tel: 0118 947 2590

Queen Anne’s School
6 Henley Road, RG4 6DX
Tel:  0118 918 7300

Public Services

Post Office
Day Lewis Pharmacy
30 Church Street,  RG4 8AU
Opening hours
Monday to Friday 9.00am – 5.30pm
Saturday 9.00am – 12.30pm

library signCaversham Library
Church Street
Tel: 01189 015103

Reading Borough Council
Civic Centre
Tel: 01189 373737

Recreation Areas

  • christchurch meadowsAlbert Road Recreation Ground – Albert Road, RG4 7PR
  • Amersham Road Play Area – Amersham Road, RG4 5DP
  • Balmore Walk – Peppard Road, RG4 8BY
  • Beechwood (Hemdean Woods) – Morlais, RG4 7QA
  • Caleta Close Play Area – Caleta Close, RG4 5BW
  • Caversham Court – Church Road, RG4 7AD
  • Chiltern Road Recreation Area – Valentine Close, RG4 5JJ
  • Christchurch Meadows – George Street, RG4 8BY
  • Clayfield Copse – RG4 6RT
  • Blackhouse Woods – RG4 6RT
  • Deans Farm and Picnic Area – The Causeway, Deans Farm, RG4 8EY
  • Hills Meadow – George Street, RG1 7NP
  • Mapledurham Playing Fields – Woodcote Road, RG4 7EZ
  • Milestone Way Play Area – RG4 6PF
  • Rufus Isaac Play Area – Rufus Isaac Road, RG4 6DD
  • Thameside Promenade – RG1 8DP
  • The Warren – The Warren, RG4 7TH
  • Westfield Road Recreation Ground – Gosbrook Road, RG4 8HL
  • Winterberry Way Play Area – Winterberry Way, RG4 7XD