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Pubs in Reading Holding Informative Talks By Scientists Next Week

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Pubs in Reading

Two scientists walk into a bar…  …One explains how to control computers just with your mind, and the other how to help Lady Gaga and millions of others suffering with chronic pain.

Next week in four venues across three nights, pubs in Reading will be host to a series of fun and informative talks by scientists from the University of Reading, Royal Berkshire Hospital and more.


Pint of Science


The first ever Pint of Science event to take place in Reading will see 22 speakers share their expertise on a variety of subjects as varied as animal conservation, neuroscience and wearable technology.

The events will include a special evening on Wed 16 May at the Best Western Plus Hotel in Sindlesham with water experts talking about flood prevention – made all the more interesting as the room being used has flood marks up the wall from the flooding of the River Loddon in 2014.




The events are all taking place in local venues around Reading, and tickets are on sale for £4 or the price of a pint.

Dr Katherine Cooper, Co-Chair of the British Science Association in Reading said:

“The Pint of Science events are a great opportunity to talk about scientific discoveries in a more relaxed environment – and in the first year of the event in Reading we’re really excited to have supported a programme with topics that matter to local residents.

“As we are increasingly told by some people that we can’t trust experts and that we are living in a post-truth world filled with fake news, it is so important that the latest developments in science are taken out of the lab and into the rest of the world.”




Full details of all the events, venues and speakers including where to book can be found at: