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FIFA 18 Coming to Madejski Stadium This Weekend

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FIFA 18 Coming to Madejski Stadium


How a local company is striving to use the love of gaming to entertain and cultivate community.  Mavreel, the Reading-based company, aims to harness the power of gaming to provide epic eSports events for gamers in the region.  Mavreel plans to do this by taking your favourite gaming titles and providing a safe, fun and inclusive environment where gamers can enjoy these games in electric eSports style.






“We all have a friend, family member or partner who is consumed by Fortnite right now, if not ourselves! That’s what amazing games can do.” Says Jemiah Douglin, Operations Director of Mavreel.  The team are working with some of the biggest gaming companies in the world to bring you your favourite gaming titles, in conjunction with the Mavreel experience.



Gaming Industry


“The gaming industry is the biggest entertainment industry in the world. Gaming is a unique form of entertainment, which is truly interactive and affords fans to connect in real-time, In dedicated online parties, social media, forums and platforms like Twitch and Discord. Video game interaction is uniquely revered like no other medium. It’s a much-loved part of the experience.”


However, the team at Mavreel are acutely aware that some of us can be introverted and or extroverted, but ultimately, we are social beings. There will be events for all gamers, with a mixture of eSports competitive days and gaming fun days. Furthermore, I think we can all agree we can never have enough of engaging, fun and positive things for the community to enjoy.


Online Gaming


“Online gaming and the internet by design can bring people together from all creeds and backgrounds which is brilliant! We want to bring some of that online unity and harmony offline, into real-world events where gamers will be surrounded by those with a shared passion.”


Saturday 9th June


The first of many, Mavreel is bringing a FIFA 18 Tournament to Reading on Saturday 9th June! Mavreel is looking for 64 players to enter the knockout tournament which will be held at the iconic Madejski Stadium.  It will be a Free entry for spectators and £5 for the FIFA 18 competitors, both spectators and competitors will need to obtain their tickets through the official Mavreel website.





“FIFA is not only one of the biggest games in the world, it’s one of the biggest and most loved entertainment franchises in the world. It’s truly a household brand, which has been loyally cherished by gamers across the globe for decades. We’re both honoured and excited to have FIFA as our debut title.”  The winner of the tournament will win a series of prizes and plus claim the status as the best FIFA 18 player in Reading. Mavreel intends to introduce a FIFA league for the area which will require players to showcase their skills over a course of the season.



Later This Year


Mavreel will also be bringing you other blockbuster titles this year, with some being worked on behind the scenes. Wanting to keep an element of surprise, future games will be revealed in due time, however, Jemiah did let us know what the next game will be.  “We’re aiming to cater to all gamers and we will create eSports leagues and events for the players. We’re truly excited that an industry favourite and award-winning FPS title Rainbow Six Siege will be our next game. It’s a real eSports heavyweight game loved by gamers worldwide.”



How To Enter


So, there you have it, there’s a lot more to come from Mavreel in the very near future. But for now, if you think you’ve got legendary FIFA 18 skills, enter the tournament at



News Update


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