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Aliensdontringdoorbells Land In Reading

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Aliensdontringdoorbells land in Reading, cement their status as ones to watch for 2022

Aliensdontringdoorbells at Sub89 in Reading

It’s not often that legends are made with a debut album, but in the case of US- and Bahamas-based pop-rock band aliensdontringdoorbells, and their album Arrival, they more than proved themselves.

On Sunday 31st October 2021, the band landed (get it?) at Sub 89 in Reading, their final date as primary support act for 00s pop-rock legends Scouting For Girls, part of their ‘Everybody Wants To Be On TV’ 10-year anniversary tour.

Aliensdontringdoorbells at Sub89 in Reading

Aliensdontringdoorbells did a stellar job of warming up the crowd for the main act, opening with the thunderous rock ‘n’ roll number, ‘Consummation’. Keyboardist Mark Boden and lead guitarist Dorian Foyil battled it out, swapping the spotlight for different solos, but never overshadowing each other. The band as a whole were tight and well-arranged, with a strong sense of comradery between them.

Aliensdontringdoorbells Frontman

Frontman Adam King commanded the attention of the whole room with ease, taking to the microphone for both singing and ring-leading duties like a true professional. Highlights of the night included the brand new track from the band, ‘Amanda’ – a collaborative effort between the Aliens and Roy Stride from Scouting For Girls himself.


They also played a plethora of tracks from debut album Arrival, including breakout hit ‘Story’, which had a truly poignant and emotional effect on the crowd – many at their first gig in over a year. The Aliens provided the perfect return to live music – energetic, reflective on how far we’ve come together since the beginning of the pandemic, emotional, and with a healthy dose of rock ‘n’ roll.

With this latest string of tour dates, specifically the rousing finale in Reading, aliensdontringdoorbells rung in a new era of rock ‘n’ roll, one in which they reign supreme. Watch out for these lads in 2022