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Reading City Bid Fails – Reading Council Comment

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Responding to today’s announcement that Reading has been unsuccessful in its Platinum Jubilee City Status bid, Council Leader Jason Brock said:

“This is obviously hugely disappointing news for Reading, the Council and everybody who backed the bid.

“As we said from the outset, however, this bid was about showcasing Reading, everything it has to offer and everything we love about it, from our rich history, our Royal connections, our diversity, our cultural scene and our economy, which drives the whole region. We firmly believe our bid was a strong one, and today’s result doesn’t change any of the things which make us proud of Reading.  

“Our congratulations to all the winners and, in particular, our nearby neighbours, Milton Keynes. “Reading will, for now, remain a ‘little big town’ just as it’s always been, something that sets us apart and we remain hugely proud of. Plus, after too many heart-in-mouth moments, we’ve still got Championship football in Reading next year, so that’s a bonus.”

Reading City Bid Fails – Information About The Application process can be found here