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Reading Cine Valley – Film & TV Production Hub Launched

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READING, UK: Cine Valley, a new film and TV production hub in Shinfield, Berkshire, will provide sustainable growth and help Britain’s fast-growing creative industries.

Reading Cine Valley - Shinfield

The project, launched on Friday (3 September) by the University of Reading, will help provide a range of new jobs to the Thames Valley, attract inward investment to the UK, and help the British TV and film sectors to expand and diversify its talent pool.

Reading Cine Valley - Shinfield

The launch event saw around 50 characters from blockbuster movies assemble at the University of Reading’s Thames Valley Science Park, showing the kind of major productions that could make Shinfield their home in the years ahead. The characters were provided by members of UK Garrison, a volunteer costume club. They joined students and academics from the University’s long-standing Department of Film, Theatre and Television, and guests from the surrounding communities.

What Is Reading Cine Valley

Cine Valley is a new project for the University of Reading that combines the next phase of development at the University’s Thames Valley Science Park with its expertise in education, research and collaboration with industry.

Reading Cine Valley - Shinfield

Robert Van de Noort, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Reading, said:

“The University of Reading already plays a key role in the UK and the local area, as a global magnet for talented students and academics.

“We are excited to launch Cine Valley as the next stage of our strategy to invest in the future of our students, the future of academic excellence, and the future prosperity of the region and the UK.

“By working closely with the UK’s successful film and creative industries we will bring our expertise in developing skills, providing opportunity for all, and commitment to environmental sustainability. At the same time, we will be helping to ensure the long-term sustainability of our mission, supporting our world-class research and education in areas such agriculture, food, health, business and the arts.”

Reading Cine Valley

Cine Valley will be more than just a location for film and creative industries. It will provide the wider network of support for a booming UK industry that is keen to support green growth, create opportunities for a more diverse workforce, and help rebalance the UK economy.

Reading Cine Valley - Shinfield

A number of global film studios are already being attracted by the size, location and approach of Shinfield Studios, the main ‘anchor’ tenant for Cine Valley. Four new sound stages and associated workshops are already nearing completion, after temporary planning permission was granted earlier this year. Planning consent is now being sought for 18 sound stages and supporting workshops, offices and screening facilities.

New TV Studio To Be Built

In addition, the University has also secured planning permission for a new TV studio, to be built beside the existing Collegiate Square at Thames Valley Science Park. The TV studio will produce entertainment shows, providing further opportunities for careers in TV and supporting trades, while also giving local people the chance to join the audience for prime time TV shows.