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Local Reading Primary School Is First To Receive Award From Inside Out

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Inside Out, the education charity, announced today that Thameside Primary School in Caversham will be the first recipient of its Inside Out Award on Wednesday 10th July.

The Inside Out Award was established to recognise schools for their exceptional commitment to the happiness and wellbeing of their children. Inside Out started 5 years ago with 1 Magical Day Out for 10 children from Thameside Primary School at Checkendon Equestrian Centre.

Inside Out
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Now over 50 Magical Days Out and 500 children. later, Inside Out is responding to the growing children’s mental health crisis by also helping other schools in the Reading and Oxford area to embed wellbeing practices into everyday school life.

What Inside Out Does

Inside Out is an innovative educational charity to inspire children to be happy inside and out. Because happy children learn better. Designed to improve the wellbeing of all primary school children, it particularly benefits vulnerable and underperforming children with low confidence, Special Educational Needs (SEN) and Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) concerns.

Inside Out helps schools tackle challenges posed by mental health problems, exam stress and anxiety. Children gain a ‘toolkit’ of fun and practical life skills and activities that they can use in their everyday lives to help them reduce stress, find focus, increase confidence and resilience to feel better, learn better and flourish.

Inside Out supports schools with a range of services: Magical Days Out around mindfulness, nature and horses at an inspiring location in the Oxfordshire countryside to kick things off, School Toolbox resources to bring the magic back into the classroom, Teacher Training to embed it into the curriculum and a Happiness Index wellbeing tool to track the impact.

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Its 5 Keys to Happiness framework — Look Inside, Move Outside, Share More, Be Curious, Be Kind — is based on the New Economic Foundation 5 Ways to Wellbeing, scientifically proven to improve children’s wellbeing.

The Inside Out Award is the first wellbeing award of its kind. To achieve the award, Inside Out provides schools with a framework that is solid enough to have validity and flexible enough to be relevant for each school. No one size fits all.

The need for the Inside Out Award

● British children are among the unhappiest in the developed world. (PISA, 2017)

● Exam-factory culture has led to increased anxiety. Yet, only half of schools have

programmes to increase wellbeing. (Healthy Young Minds, 2015)

● 3 children in every class have a diagnosed mental health problem (Mental Health

Foundation, 2005)

● 43% of school counselling is for under 11’s. (Childline, 2015)

● Suicide is the most common cause of death for boys aged 5-19. (YoungMinds, 2017)

● The best predictor of whether a child will become a satisfied adult is not their academic achievement but their emotional health in childhood.’ (Lord Layard, 2013)

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Inside Out Founder and CEO, Stephanie Weissman:

“We are thrilled to recognise Thameside Primary School as the first recipient of our new award. They have participated in every aspect of the Inside Out programme and have used our ‘5 Keys to Happiness’ framework to create a wellbeing approach for the whole school to follow, understand and enjoy. We hope other schools will follow Thameside’s inspiring lead. We’re one step closer to our vision of a world where the happiness of children is as important as their academic achievement.”

Thameside Primary School Headteacher, Sophie Greenaway

We are incredibly proud of this accolade. We have seen tangible benefits on the wellbeing, health and learning of our children. The award means a lot to the whole school community. I am so pleased that Inside Out is now at the heart of our school curriculum!”