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Zola Zorbz – Bubble Football
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Zola Zorbz

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Call it Bubble Football, call it Zorb Football or call it the best bumpy day you’ll experience! Go wild with your friends or workmates in an action packed event full of thrills spills and laughter.  Zola Zorbz is the name.
This unisex game is great fun whether you like football or not, we have a range of bubble suit games to cater to everyone in your group.

Bubble Football, also known as Zorb Football is the innovative new sport where players are strapped inside a giant inflatable bubble (zorb) & play football. An interesting twist for you to try and play, it becomes an incredibly hilarious activity to try out with all types of people.

Zola Zorbz are the one of the FIRST to bring Bubble Football to the Berkshire and Buckinghamshire area. We currently operate throughout various sporting venues over these 2 counties. If you can't make it to any of our venues, then simply let us know where you have in mind & we will bring the Bubble Football experience to you. We succeed on giving you the best possible experience; hence we use the highest quality body Zorbs to ensure your safety & comfort.

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