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Brexit Bus Reading Visit

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Brexit Bus Reading Visit

Brexit bus emblazoned with ‘Brexit to cost £2,000 million a week’ is to reach Reading Broad Street on Monday the 26th February as part of a 33 stop national tour.

Peter Leisupe, from Berkshire for Europe, said “We welcome the visit of the bus as it helps highlight the detrimental effect Brexit is having, apart from the obvious economic issues, on local NHS services. EU nationals are helping combat NHS recruitment problems, if they leave or feel they will not be welcome we all will suffer. Also the referendum was not a vote to cut our environmental protections. The EU has been instrumental in leading the fight to improve environmental protection in the UK, EU and globally. This, as members of the EU, we should rightly be proud of.”

The number on the bus is based on the Government’s own leaked report that Brexit with a Free Trade Agreement will cost us 5% of GDP throughout at least the next 15 years. Charles Seaford, one of the organisers, said “These shocking leaked numbers show we would be £2,000 million a week poorer than we otherwise would. To put this in context, that is 80% of the NHS budget across the UK.  These are not our numbers – they are the Government’s numbers.”


Brexit - Reading

Brexit: Is it worth it? Campaign”


Vote Leave Bus


Vote Leave’s bus falsely claimed that we send the EU £350 million a week when the true cost is around £200 million a week. Now the Government’s own analysis shows the hit to our economy from leaving the EU will be ten times bigger than the cost of staying in. Leaving without a trade deal, as some people are willing to do, would cost £3,200 million a week, or sixteen times the price of EU membership.


Is It Worth It


Some people may be willing to pay this price for the what they see as the benefits of Brexit. But more and more are asking “is it worth it?” A balanced and fully-sourced summary of the costs and benefits of the likely Brexit scenarios is set out at

During its 8-day tour, the bus will make 33 stops in towns and cities across the country where speaker events will feature local business leaders, trade unionists, and politicians.

Peter Leisupe, chair of Berkshire for Europe, said “we have noted at our street events that members of the public are increasingly feeling betrayed by false untenable promises that were made by the leave campaign, especially when comes to the infamous promise made by Boris Johnson of £350 million a week for the NHS.”


Berkshire For Europe


Enrico Petrucco a local organiser and member of Berkshire for Europe said “Recent Government positions during the development of the EU exit bill point towards an expectation of decreased protection for wildlife, the environment, food safety, the National Health Service, human rights, and worker rights. The current Government already stands accused by the UN of serious human rights infractions against disabled people. Decreased rights and protections for the public are already costing us dearly and now we can see that the financial cost will also be dire according to Government figures. More and more people in Reading are feeling heavy economic pressures mount up and wonder whether exiting the EU is worth it – we all have the right to think again.”

Around 670 individuals across Britain contributed an average of £24 each to make the tour possible and 20 local grassroots groups have organised the events, including Berkshire for Europe. No money has come from overseas.

The ‘Brexit Is it worth it’ Bus will reach Reading on Monday 26th Feb at 19:00 at the Broad Street Oracle shopping centre entrance.