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University of Reading Alzheimer’s Research Gets Regional Boost With Renewed Funding

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Research into Alzheimer’s Disease in the Thames Valley region has received a major boost with renewed funding from the Alzheimer’s Research Network.

University of Reading Alzheimer’s Research.

The new money will help network partners at the Universities of Reading, Oxford and Oxford Brookes to work together to further understand Alzheimer’s and find ways to make an earlier diagnosis and treat the disease.

Dr Mark Dallas, who leads the Thames Valley Network and lectures in neuroscience in the University of Reading’s School of Pharmacy said:

“This recent award brings together the best dementia researchers in the Thames Valley region to tackle the global problem of dementia. The award aims to foster new ideas and collaborations to bring about changes to the way we support people living with dementia but also targeting the causes with a view to developing new medicines. Therefore the Network, made up of healthcare professionals and basic scientists, is ideally place to combat dementia and improve the management of dementia now and look to fast track molecules from lab to the clinic.

New Money

“The new money will continue to help us foster excellent dementia research through new collaborations.” Among the work that the Network does, the award enabled an student from a leading Italian University to visit School of Pharmacy at the University of Reading and take part in research looking at the role of zinc in the brain. Their work at the University of Reading has contributed to a project to understand how specialised brains cells microglia can provide clues to how the brain fights dementia